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We have a wide spread lush green campus. We understand the importance of environment of learning over students and that is why our infrastructure adheres to the global standards. Our infrastructure provides superlative opportunities for academic education, sports and recreation.


Innovative Hub (Computer Lab)

Well resourced with high-speed central servers and the latest software (with adequate security & safety features). Every student to have access to a terminal to study the design, development and analysis in a variety of scientific & social context.


Flora & Fauna (Social Science Lab)

A workspace for students to promote practical as well as theoretical learning with the help of equipment, apparatus, maps, globes, ethnic artefacts etc.


Eureka (Science Lab)

To inculcate a spirit of discovery and invention to strengthen the analytical approach and spirit of exploration fully equipped with world-class apparatus to provide an excellent learning environment.


Calculus (Mathematics Lab)

To explore intrinsic mathematical concepts with the help of games, puzzles and other modern teaching aids.

Ignited Minds (Library)

A calm & composed area to ignite the mind by providing food for thought. well stocked with 20,000 plus books.

Leaps & Bounce (Dance Room)

For letting the heart and body leap & bounce together, to learn varied dance forms, to express the mirth & joy.


Beats & Rhythm (Music)

Let the soothing sound of songs & instruments vibrate in the atmosphere and make mind free from all complexities for better concentration learning and self-expression, equipped with international instruments.

Crafterina (Art & Craft Room)

Enabling children to communicate their emotions and feelings without the use of words and make them explore a wide range of Art based on Indian traditions and culture.

Yoga & Meditation

To improve concentration of students, well equipped hall is provided for Yoga and meditation, where students can practice yoga and meditation under the guidance of well trained teachers.

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